Monday, August 18, 2014

In Spite of the Rain

It has been another really fast week, and I can't believe it's another one gone. The work is going really well, and I really don't have any complaints there- our district is killing it, and Trondheim is the place to be. I hope you all get a chance to come and visit one day, because it really is a beautiful city. Sometimes I have moments when I take a step back and realize how crazy life is. I think to myself, wow, I am living in Norway, one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is almost as if I come up for air from the rushing river of missionary life that I live in, look around and take in the scenery, and then plunge back down into the depths and hold on as life surges forward. It's really pretty nice. 

Unfortunately, Piotr didn't get baptized on Saturday. He told his parents about the baptism and they got really mad, so he randomly decided to fly out to Poland and I am not really sure when he will get back. I guess he promised his family that he wouldn't do anything with our church, because they are really strict about that in Poland, so I am not really sure what is going to happen next. I am expecting him to get baptized, but that is a really tough situation, and it takes a strong individual to be able to make the right choice. I will do everything I can to get him baptized, but we will have to see. 

What's more positive is that Evelyn is doing great. She believes in Jesus Christ now (she used to be Muslim) and she is coming to church every week. She is just getting used to having a belief in Christ for now, but I think that the time for her to be baptized is going to come really soon. I don't know if I told you or not, but she is someone that I contacted on the street towards the beginning of my time in Trondheim, and I think she is so cool. Miracles really do happen!

Some news that is  also very exciting is that the area presidency approved all of the Norwegian missionaries traveling to Oslo on the 7th of September for the Elder Bednar conference, so I will get to be there! I love Oslo and I love Elder Bednar, so this is going to be great. It will be 5 hours together with an apostle, so what could be better than that? Probably not a whole lot of things. :)

It's a rainy day in Trondheim today, but you know what? That is quite alright. One of the biggest things I have learned on my mission is the importance of creating your own weather. There are a lot of things that we can't control out there- the price of milk, that guy that cut in front of us in traffic, or the pessimistic co-worker to name a few- so it is important to learn to focus on the things that we can control. Our own attitude toward life and the challenges we face is a strong indicator of our personal progress towards becoming a dedicated disciple of Christ. When life's storms come along, and they will, just look up into the rain and smile, because we can all be our own sunshine today. I love you all, have a great week!

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