Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014

So today isn't a pday, which means that we only get a half hour to email, so I don't have time to say a lot. We are going to be traveling to Bergen and will be there on Wednesday and Thursday for a joint pday and two zone conference. We will be visited by a member of the area presidency, so that will be really good I am sure. I will take lots of pictures while I am there, because it is beautiful and I have always wanted to go to Bergen. Who knows if I will ever get there again! 

We had a really good week. One of the better weeks of my mission, and I have been trying so hard to get things going in our area so we could be a good example for the other missionaries. It was really good to see that the numbers for the zone really went up this week from where they have been, but the bad news was that it was basically ours and one other area that carried the entire zone.... so there are still issues. But we are getting there. I found a Russian girl named Evelyn this week, and she is awesome. She is probably my favorite investigator that I have had on my mission. She just barely moved here to get away from Russia and she is really cool and positive toward the church. I am excited to continue to teach her and she was in church yesterday, along with Piotr. Life is good. And Piotr will be getting baptized on Saturday, so that is exciting as well. It is going to be a really good week!

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