Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014

This week we went to Kristiansund on splits, and it is a really beautiful place. It is a smaller area, so it really reminded of Narvik (although it is nowhere near as small as Narvik is) and it was good to be there with the elders. One of the problems with being a zone leader in the north is that I don't really feel like I know the missionaries here very well, because we don't really get a ton of face time with them. But oh well, you do what you've gotta do. 

I have been sick this week, which is slightly ironic, because I was sick at exactly this time of year last year as well....huh. But it hasn't been too bad. Just a cold, so I have had a super runny nose and been really tired for the past few days, but I think I am getting over it now. I sure hope I am, anyway, because I don't have a ton of cold medicine, and all kinds of medicine are pretty hard to come by in Norway. 

Another cool thing that happened this week is that Elder Clayton M. Christensen (Author of "The Power of Everyday Missionaries") came to Trondheim this week! He gave a fireside at the church yesterday, and it was so good! He is such a cool guy and just happens to be a professor at Harvard in exactly what I want to study, so whatever. Also, we are going out to dinner with him and a representative from the university here tonight, so that will be a lot of fun. It is just general authorities galore here in Norway right now! I am excited to talk to him more about things.

It's going really well with Evelyn right now, we have been meeting and she is coming to church every week and reading in the Book of Mormon. It's great! And she was having a really hard time accepting the Word of Wisdom because she didn't understand it, but yesterday she said that she was standing over a pot of coffee for like 15 minutes trying to decide if she was going to drink it or not when it suddenly just smelled dirty. She said that coffee isn't even appetizing to her anymore, and I know it was a miracle from God helping her to overcome that weakness. We are going to meet with her tomorrow and commit her to be baptized, so I am really excited. 

We went geo-cacheing today and that was fun. we found it!

I live in Norway :)

Moods of Norway- best store ever :)

From Sister Kate Christensen:

Dear Parents,

We're a family from the Boston area and were in Trondheim this week. Our friend Alf (directly to the left of the elders) once studied abroad in Hurricane, UT and promised his host grandmother that he would always be kind to Mormon missionaries when he saw them. Here's a photo from after dinner tonight.

You have truly lovely and hardworking daughters and sons. It was great to meet and spend some time with them!

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