Monday, June 16, 2014

Mission Life Is Good

It has been a really good week for us this week. Although summer seems to have kind of come and passed already, life has been cool. We took the long bus ride up to Tromsø for zone leader training again on Wednesday, which is always beautiful, and it was great to see everyone in the zone. I really like the missionaries we have up here in the north. We are having a lot of success at the moment, relatively speaking, in the north, and it is exciting to see how things are going for everyone. The beginning of the week was pretty slow, but we were able to have a good time going out and working.

This week has been something called Byfesten, which just means the city party in Norwegian. There were a lot of things going on as kind of just a summer party, but some of the highlights were a concert at all hours of the night, a helicopter giving rides all over the place, and a European food market on the street right outside our apartment. I bought baklava, Turkish delight, and some Italian pastries, and everything was really delicious.

The traveling assistants got here on Saturday, and it was fantastic to be able to see Elder Badger and Elder Weaver again. They are two of my favorites and we are really good friends. We were able to go out and work hard this weekend with some pretty good success, including many new potentials and 3 new investigators. A family! They are really cool and hopefully really positive. It was Elder Weaver and Forsberg that taught them, so I don't have a ton of details with that, but we have another appointment on Sunday, so I will be able to fill you in more after that. Hopefully things will go really well with them!

Everything is well with Kai this week. We met with him one time with President Nyman, the branch president here, and it went well. He is really willing to read the Book of Mormon and he said he would pray. Hopefully he gets his answer this week, it just seems like he wants to take it a little bit at his own pace. So we will see. Pray for him, we will be trying to get a baptismal date with him this next week.

I am feeling really great about life at the moment. I am starting to understand more about what I can do to continue to make progress as a missionary and a person, so I am excited to get to work. Life is good.

You asked me to tell you more about the walk out to takes about an hour and the bridge is about 400 meters so not too long. They have a pedestrian lane on the bridge and there tend to be a lot of cars going back and forth. But it is beautiful. I am convinced we live in the most beautiful area of the mission. Narvik is amazing.

Today for pday we hiked Narvik mountain which is the mountain we live on, and it was such a beautiful view. It was amazing. But we got up to the top and it was soooo cold. It was crazy windy and my hands got really cold, but it was really worth it.  I hope you enjoy the warmth in Utah, because it is NOT warm here. But that's the north :)

Eldste Childs

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