Monday, January 20, 2014

Technology and Missionary Work

In Norway there are obviously Norwegians that live here, but there are also a lot of people from other countries as well. When we go and talk to people on the street, it is almost every other person doesn't come from Norway it seems like, so there are a lot of different languages and cultures represented here. Sometimes when we are teaching, that presents a challenge and a language barrier between the missionaries and the investigators. There have always been ways to cope with this issue, but now with the advancement of technology, missionaries from our mission have been able to Skype missionaries serving in the native countries of investigators here to help with teaching. So, in the past month, missionaries have been Skyping a couple of elders in Albania so that they can teach a lady from there, and she got baptized this last week! The missionaries were able to participate in the meeting via Skype. One of them gave a talk, and they both bore their testimonies at the end, and it was really cool. I know that the Lord is hastening His work, and He is using all of the resources available to do it. There are so many ways we can get involved, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be here as a part of His army on the front lines.

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