Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February 16

You asked which word I would use to describe my week.... can I use the word "blur?" Sometimes I don't even remember what happened in which week, but all I remember is that it has been good. I can't believe that two transfers have gone by while I have been here in the office.... that is crazy. But it has been a lot of fun all the time, that's for sure.

This week we did the normal pday things, and then we started the craziness. It's been one of the worst weeks in a long time as far as missionary work goes, because we weren't ever in our area! But we got a lot done and we saw a lot of cool miracles.

On Tuesday we went on splits to Drammen and it was a lot of fun. One of the elders, poor Elder Naumu, was throwing up the whole day, so he had to sit at the apartment with another elder while we went out, and I don't think it was a lot of fun for him. But we still saw a lot of miracles and we were able to find a lot of new investigators with them. 

I got the opportunity while I was there to interview a woman named Johana for baptism, and she is amazing. It was hardly 3 weeks from the time she met the missionaries to the time she was baptized, and that does not happen in Norway. She was so prepared and it was awesome to see her react to the gospel.

When we got back from Drammen, we got a few things done, took a second to catch our breath, and then we were headed up to Trondheim for the weekend. It was great to be back and work on the streets where I worked last summer. I was able to go to the baptism of Enoch, one of my investigators while I was in Trondheim, and it was the most amazing thing. So peaceful and so joyful to feel the Spirit confirm his action and help him feel the truth. Also, some of my favorite members live in Trondheim, so I was basically in heaven all weekend.

Enoch and his family.  They are the best!
Then we came back home and I had the best day in church that I have had in a really long time. I don't really know why... maybe it's because I was more prepared than I usually am, or maybe the Lord knew I needed it, but I came out of those meetings on top of the world. I just wish my investigators could feel the same thing when they are finished with church. Being a missionary is such a bizarre thing, but it's the craziest ride I have ever been on in my life.

God answers prayer. Always remember that. But also always remember that a 10 cent prayer does not merit a million dollar answer. God gives us answer in accordance with our willingness and desire to do the work necessary to get it. We have to do some searching ourselves. We have to knock on a few doors before we find the one that will open. So don't let anything stand in your way. Go discover the mysteries of God and allow His testimony to fill your hearts! I love the gospel and I love the Lord.

Go have a wonderful week and make someone's day. There is no better way to find happiness than by giving it to someone else. I love you all!


We all got matching hats.  :)

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