Monday, July 21, 2014

Transfer Time!

Hey there, it's been another week, and it has been a great one! We have seen miracles upon miracles, and it is all coming right when I am leaving the area. But it's all the same work, right? I am so happy that the Lord sees fit to bless us even in our weakness and to teach us even when we are the most unwilling to learn.

My Mom asked about Norwegian gardens:  one guy showed us his garden last week, and he had raspberries, currant berries, black currant berries, blackberries, some tomatoes, and some rhubarb. In the mountains here, blueberries, raspberries, and cranberries grow wild and just cover the mountainside during different times of the year, so that is really cool. Norwegians love their berries, and I think it is great.

Transfers time has rolled around again, and this week I found out I will be moving to Trondheim on Wednesday and I will be serving there as a new zone leader. It's all pretty overwhelming, but I am really excited, because Trondheim is one of my favorite cities in Norway. The only problem is they sound almost like they are speaking some Asian language there.... gotta love Norway and all of its crazy dialects. But I am really excited to go and emerge from the far north and have some human interaction again. Trondheim is a big city, it's beautiful, and I love the feeling there. Out of the places I've been so far, I would say that if I came back to live in Norway, I would probably live in Trondheim :) I will probably be traveling about the same amount that I have been now, and so that will be fun. My companion's name is Elder Hill, and he has been one of the zone leaders for the north for the past 2 transfers, so I know him pretty well. It should be fun to get to know him better and to work with him in Trondheim.For those of you who want it, my new address will be:

Elder Dallin Childs
Olav Tryggvassons Gate 30
7011 Trondheim

This week we found new investigators, taught lessons, and had people in church, plus several of our investigators came back from vacation this week---all things that are pretty rare in these little northern towns in the summer.  Kikka was in church and gave a really great talk this week. It was one of the sweeter moments of my mission to sit there and listen to her speak about the blessings the gospel has brought into her life and how grateful she is for it. That was cool. So I got up and talked about how great she is in my talk as well :) We exchanged emails, and we will be keeping in touch. She is great. so I am so grateful and so amazed at the way that the Lord's hand is in the work. He always blesses us every time when we keep the commandments and do what He says. I know that's true.

Pictures to come of the greatness that is about to hit Trondheim! I hope you all have a wonderful week, and remember that I am sending my love from Norway!

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