Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Let the Journey Begin

My whole life has been leading up to this moment. As a primary child I sang of these years, and as a youth every lesson in church was designed to take me in this direction. I have had so many experiences throughout my life, and learned so many things. I have made many acquaintances along the way, many of whom have become my closest friends. It has been such a long time coming and now, all of a sudden, my time has come. It is here. There can be no more last minute preparations or worries.

18 years. Three boxes. So many memories.

All left behind as I leave my entire life and everything that I know and love to serve the Lord and the people of Norway. I am taking all the experiences I have gained, gathering them up, and traveling across the world to a foreign land with new people and a strange language. I can feel the love of so many people behind me as I not only go out on a limb but run across it, gathering speed until the final leap of faith into the open air. I may fall at first, unsteady as I learn, but I know that I will leap and soon discover that I have been given wings and flight, for the Lord is on my side and would never let me fall. I could not be more excited to embark on this part of my life, and I would invite all of you to go with me on this adventure and to press forward in the work of the Lord. I know that this church is true, and I love it with all of my heart.

So let the journey begin.

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