Tuesday, July 23, 2013


So let me tell you a little bit about district 37-L here at the MTC, A.K.A. the best district of Norwegians ever. There are eight elders, and I swear, they picked all of the most opposite elders they could find and stuck us all together to see how we would interact. And trust me, it has been interesting to watch. We have someone from every stereotype out there, and it is almost comical to think about. There is one elder who was the jock and played football during his high school career. There is an elder who is in the band and went to a charter school. There is an elder who has had some medical problems in the past and has had to go through a lot to deal with them. There is a student council elder, and an elder who kind of just went through high school without choosing any single hobby. There is an elder who was enthralled with drama, and there is an elder who just finished boot camp and has been in the Air Force for the last year.
And then there is me.
If I am honest, we are not very alike at all. We probably wouldn't even have been that great of friends in high school. But we do have one thing in common. We are all here to serve the Lord. And does anything else really matter? Friendships can be made and differences can be overcome, but at the end of the day, we are the Lord's servants and we are all here to accomplish His will. It is amazing to watch the Lord work in my life, because as I have prayed for charity and studied and submitted my will to Him, I can feel Him changing my heart. I am already becoming more like Him and I am growing to love all of the missionaries around me, which, as with all people, can be a difficult thing to do at times. As these two weeks have passed, we have all become so close, and I can honestly say that these are some of my favorite people in the world. Each of them brings unique insights and qualities to the table, and we help each other grow. I am coming to understand why the Lord gives each of us differences. If we were all the same, how could we help each other become better people? When we look for the good in others, the Lord truly blesses us with Charity, to see them how He sees them: as children of God with divine potential.
If there is one thing I have learned here in the last two weeks, it is to rely on the Spirit when teaching. That is all we really have, since we cannot really speak Norwegian. But something I have realized is that in two years when I am a seasoned missionary and am fluent in the language, (essentially a Norwegian) I will not be able to convert anyone any more than I was able to on day one. It will always be and always has been the Spirit of the Lord which will touch the lives and hearts of investigators and teach them of the truth. When I realize that, I can focus my teaching on inviting the Spirit and can more effectively help others to come unto Christ and receive His gospel. Missionary work is truly amazing, and I am happy as I do the Lord's will.  Until next week, and until we meet again!

Hei Hei!

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