Monday, December 9, 2013

Cold, Snow, and a Lot of Norwegian Christmas

It snowed for the first time this Sunday, and I loved waking up to see the snow outside my window. However, I think I may have mixed emotions about it, because as much as I am enjoying the snow right now, once it snows here in Norway, it snows and it doesn't leave until May. But that is alright, because it couldn't be more beautiful, and what would winter in Norway be without snow?

This week we have been working hard and trying to share "et gledesbud til verden," or joy to the world with everyone that we meet, but no one seems to want to be happy! It is the oddest thing. So we are just trying to mix it up and find things that people want to hear about. One night this week, we took small gingerbread cookies along with us, and in between every house we didn't get let in to, we each ate one cookie. It is safe to say that we both ate a lot of cookies by the time we were finished, but it was a great way to have a good time while doing missionary work. I really think that is what it is all about. Enjoying life while we are doing the hard things. There must be some kind of secret to that. 

Basically, the only reason that I am here is because I know that Christ lives and loves us, and wants every single one of us to have a chance to receive the gospel. That's it. If I came here to see Norway, or because that was what my parents wanted me to do, or because I simply had nothing better to do, I would have been on a plane home a long time ago. But we have the truth, I have been called by God, and He is my strength and my life. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true church of God upon the earth today. That is all there is to it, and when everything else we have is stripped away, it is alright, because it is the truth. We have the truth. Come and see the hand of the Lord in the lives of His children. That is the message we are sharing with the world, and it will go forth unhindered until the day when He comes again, clothed in the glory of the Father. These things I know.

As always, I am so grateful for everything you all have done for me. I feel your support and your prayers, and you are all an answer to my prayers in some way. So thank you. I love you all, and Merry Christmas!

An amazing Norwegian Sunset

Me and Elder Tate

The King's Palace 

First Snow of the Year!

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