Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Typical Day in The Norway Oslo Mission

We asked Dallin to share what he does on a typical day. He sent us a rundown of last Thursday...thought you all might be interested...

This last Thursday, I woke up and then we had to travel in to Oslo, so we left at 7:35 and got on this...I don't know what is called in English. It is a trikk in Norwegian. Maybe like a tram or cable car? I don't know. We took studies in Oslo because we had a district meeting at noon to get everyone excited for the transfer and to set some goals, and then we headed back to our apartment in Nordstrand. We had to set up our washer and our stove and our desks, and then we went to a dinner with these vegan members. They served us a cabbage soup with raw onions and it was really weird, but there was a new investigator there and we taught him about the Book of Mormon and the spirit was really strong and he said he would read. He is really hard-core buddhist, so that is interesting. But then we went back and knocked on doors for the rest of the night, and we didn't really get in any houses, but we got a few try-backs, so it wasn't too bad. So there you have it! A typical day in the Norway mission. 

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